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Thank you very much, everyone who visits this website.
You make me going on better than otherwise.
Editing the summer's nature photo is in progress.
They will be published at the latest in December, I think.
Compared to now, the quality and size will be better and bigger.
The motives are the same. The wonderful nature.
Trees, lakes, and skies, in brilliant sunlight.

Greeting from Joel Toft 2018-10-09

One new photo


Gothenburg, Sweden the 17th of March 2018.
Performance in Oscar Fredrik's church by Oscar Fredriks Chamber Choir, Vocalis and Sinfonietta.
Performing St John Passion by Johann Sebastian Bach.
Photo nr 0085

The following three images are from one and the same original image. Cropped up differently and in different scales.
The original is made of many together edited photos. Done with a special computer program.
Then both shape and color have been manually adjusted in other image editing programs.
The work is done with a simple camera and a simple computer.


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This is about the field of vision you can focus while standing in the center of the church room.  (Photo nr 0085-05)


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This is an expanded field of view. (About 200 x 160 deegres).
Unfortunately, humans dont have such a big field of vision.


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This is an even bigger field of view. Almost the entire room, (360 x 170 degrees).
Some people experience greatness of spirituality when their consciousness expands beyond their physical body.
The initial experience in this can be described that the sense of sight and the sense of hearing themselves have been equipped with the sense of sentiments.
The senses are then reinforced and seem to go straight to one's pure consciousness without delay through the physical space.
A very strong spiritual experience that brings you closer to God.

Many thanks to Oscar Fredriks Chamber Choir, Vocalis and Sinfonietta for a really good performance of St John Passion by Johann Sebastian Bach.
Also, thank you to all others who have contributed to the performance of this concert.


Oscar Fredrik Church

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 2018-04-04

Oscar Fredriks kyrka 1.jpg

Oscar Fredrik Church in August 2005






Church of Sweden



Oscar Fredrik




Oscar Fredrik Church (Swedish: Oscar Fredriks kyrka) is a church in Olivedal in Gothenburg, Sweden. It was drawn by Helgo Zetterwall and erected in the 1890s. Belonging to the Gothenburg Oscar Fredrik Parish of the Church of Sweden, it was opened on Easter Sunday 1893.[1] The style is Neo Gothic, but the influence is not the Nordic gothic style but rather the style one can find in the large cathedrals down in continental Europe. The church and the parish got its name from king Oscar II (Oscar Fredrik being his full name).



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8 new paintings in a new department "Compositions, People"

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Inspired by Alasair Kay (Al Kay), Denson Paul Pollard and Peter Moore
Painting nr 793. Oil on canvas. 50 x 61 cm.

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Inspired by Gohar Vardanian, imagination person and Ana Vidovic
Painting nr 792. Oil on canvas. 94 x 87 cm.

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Inspired by Laura van der Heijden, Alisa Weilerstein and Sol Gabetta
Painting nr 791. Oil on canvas. 100 x 75 cm.

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Inspired by Fernanda Machado, Berta Rojas and Esperanza Spalding
Painting nr 790. Oil on canvas. 104 x 82 cm.

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Inspired by Christopher Cramer, Nikolai Lugansky and Christoph Denoth
Painting nr 789. Oil on canvas. 113 x 106 cm.

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Inspired by Sol Gabetta
Painting nr 788. Oil on canvas. 135 x 94 cm.

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Inspired by
Brian Blade, Glenn Gould and Reid Anderson
Painting nr 787. Oil on canvas. 1060 x 1290 cm.

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Inspired by Sara Evans, Taylor Swift and Meghan Trainor
Painting nr 786. Oil on canvas. 95 x 58 cm.


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Inspired by Itzhak Perlman, Jonathan Carney and Leos Cepicky
Painting nr 785. Oil on canvas. 41 x 62 cm.


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From Photo Musicians part 2


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Conductor Magnus Ekman, the choir Voiceroom, piano Eskil Persson, trumpet Björn Bjerknaes-Jacobsen and solo song Karl Johan Nordensten.
Photo nr 0075.   By Joel Toft.

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From Photo Musicians part 1


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Eskil Persson. Trombonist.   Photo 0069.   By Joel Toft.

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From  Photo Nature part 2

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Nature scenario near the outflow from Big Rock Tarn, Vattlefjall nature reserve.   Photo nr 0047.   By Joel Toft.

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From Photo Nature part 1


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Walking path over Larje River.   Gothenburg, Sweden.   Photo nr 0004.   By Joel Toft.
Same motif different view: from south-west 0004
  from south-east 0014
  from south-east  farther away 0015
  from south-west  farther away 0018
  from north-west 0051
  from north-east 0052
  from north-east  little farther away 0056


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From Sculptures


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Leela and the moon. Inspired by Leela G Hansen, yoga instructor.

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A selection from " Paintings 2nd part " / ..

Partly inspired by many of Rembrandt van Rijns paintings
Painting nr 780. Oil on canvas. 113 x 76 cm.


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Detail in the painting

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Melanie Laurent
Painting nr 742. Oil on canvas. 64 x 95 cm.

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Charlize Theron and AnnaSophia Robb
Painting nr 733. Oil on canvas. 34 x 51 cm.


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Man in oriental costume by
Rembrandt van Rijn
Inspired Joel Toft to do this painting
Painting nr 764. Oil on canvas. 24 x 32 cm.

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Claudio Abbado
Painting nr 779. Oil on canvas. 53 x 72 cm.

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Jacob Szekely
Painting nr 776. Oil on canvas. 800 x 540 cm.

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Beth Ilana Schneider-Gould
 and Mathew Gould
Painting nr 775. Oil on canvas. 730 x 530 cm.

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Paavali Jumppanen
Painting nr 760. Oil on canvas. 650 x 530 cm.

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There are many large pictures to see in the department "Paintings 2nd part" .
Click on "Other image size" then click again (different for different programs) to see the largest picture.
The pictures are 3000 - 4700 pixels long.

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A selection from " Paintings 1st part " / ..

Paintings made 2000-2010

In the department "Paintings 1st part" pictures of paintings are arranged in eight different subjects.
Some subject are large and consists of several parts. Others are small and consist only of one part with eight or ten paintings.

Various styles can be in the same collection. Briefly, painting can thus be among more thorough paintings.


From    .. " Landscape part 3 "

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Where leaf branches is sparse, (502).

A little futher away, where the leaf braches is sparse,
 I could clearly see that it was Roger who rowed the boat.

Oil on canvas
Approximately 35 x 50 cm


From    .. " Landscape part 2 "

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Landscape, (474).

Oil on canvas
120 x 100 cm

From    .. " Landscape part 1 "

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The blue tree,   (379).

55 x 50 cm



From    .. " Figures "

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The voice of a cello.   (f 020).

Almost like a human.

Monotype. Graphics.
About 50 x 40 cm.



From  ..  " Difficult to interpret part 4 "

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Path to Wisdom,   (361).

Sometimes is the path to wisdom long.
The figure to the far right (the yellow one) discover
one who discower one who possesses wisdom.
To manage one step needs sometimes several small.

81 x 77 cm


From     ..  " Difficult to interpret part 3

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Alone in the empty alley,   (301).

 77 x 128 cm




From    .. " Environment in cities "

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Sea of asphalt.   (492)

On rare occasions, when the cars are few the huge asphalt sea can be visible.

The paintings view is from street level from the middle to the far right of the image that this link leads to.
On that photo you can also see a lot asphalt.

At Iron Square, (Järntorget). The crossing Northern Alle Street -  Linnéstreet  
(Norra Allegatan - Linnegatan)   Southward. Göteborg.

Oil on canvas.
70 x 37 cm.




From    .. " Full body, People "


Other image sizes.


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Running women,   (523).

Marie and Pia, running on the beach in Askim, Gothenburg.

Thank you, Marie and Pia, for  inspiring me to this variation on Picasso's "Women Running".

79 x 59 cm




Another one from    .. " Full body, People "


Other image size.


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Quickly after model,   (148).

Acrylic on paper.
32 x 45 cm.


From    .. " Half body, People "


Other image size.

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Inger, (521).

57 x 70 cm


From    .. " Faces, People "

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Gabriella,   (561).

 Inspired by the great master Pierre Auguste Renoir.

Oil on canvas
42 x 51 cm


From    .. " Easy to interpret "

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Fight until freedom, (109).

Acrylic on cardboard.
120 x 150 cm.


You can find more in    Paintings    ..  " Introduktion "




About in which part paintings can be viewed and how they are sorted

Paintings in the  " Paintings 2nd part "  will not be find anywhere else on this website.
Other paintings are available in several parts.
In the "Exhibition" can paintings be seen hangin in my studio apartment with no thought-out order.
In the  " Paintings 1st part "  they are sorted by subject.
And in the  " Lists of paintings "  index pictures whit links are arranged in numerical order.


" Exhibition "  you can click on the paintings inside pictures
and get a bigger picture of the painting.


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However there are some paintings in the "Exhibition" that are not in the "Paintings" and vice versa.

Other image size.


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There are many of these image maps in " Exhibition "


On this page, links to all parts are located at the bottom.



More from " Paintings 1st part " , unsorted


There's more in the part  " Paintings 1st part "


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SlideShow 02   2010 june - september.


SlideShow 01   2009 november - 2010 mars.


From a drawer, a slideshow made 2003 with 5 paintings like this

Old SlideShow OSS-01



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Compositions, People

Inspired by:
Alasair Kay (Al Kay)
Denson Paul Pollard
Peter Moore

Inspired by:
Gohar Vardanian
Imagination person
Ana Vidovic

Inspired by:
Laura van der Heijden
Alisa Weilerstein
Sol Gabetta

Inspired by:
Fernanda Machado
Berta Rojas
Esperanza Spalding

Inspired by:
Christopher Cramer
Nikolai Lugansky
Christoph Denoth

Inspired by:
Sol Gabetta
Three times

Inspired by:
Brian Blade
Glenn Gould
Reid Anderson

Inspired by:
Sara Evans
Taylor Swift
Meghan Trainor

Inspired by:
Itzhak Perlman
Jonathan Carney
Leos Cepicky

Faces, People





Inspired by masters

Francois-Xavier Fabre's painting
Marie-Louise Joubert

Francois-Xavier Fabre's painting
Laurent-Nicolas de Joubert

Gilbert Stuart's painting
Ann Calvert Stuart Robinson

Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres's
painting Countess de Haussonville

Jean-Babtiste Perroneau's painting
Magdaleine Pinceloup  777

Jean-Babtiste Perroneau's painting
Charles-Francois Princeloup de la Grange  778

John Singer Sargent's painting
Mary Crowninshield Endicott Chamberlain

Peter Paul Rubens painting
Diana and her nymphs

Rembrandt van Rijn
"Partly inspired by Rembrandt van Rijn"  780

Rembrandt van Rijn's painting
Man in oriental costume  764


Famous people

Aaron Eckhart          Alfred Hitchcock          Alyson Michalka          Amanda Seyfried          Anders Gustavsson          Anders Zorn          Angela Gheorghiu          Anna Faris          Anna Kendrick          Anna Netrebko          Annalynne McCord          Anne Hathaway          Annette Bening          Anthony Hopkins          Arnold Schwarzenegger

Bart van Lier and Joseph Alessi  782          Beth Ilana Schneider-Gould and Mathew Gould          Bob Booth          Bradley Cooper  706          Bradley Cooper (738)          Brittany Robertson          Brittany Snow          Bryan Cranston          Bryn Terfel

Cameron Diaz          Camille Babut du Mares          Candice Swanpoel and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley          Carey Mulligan          Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr  758          Cate Blanchett          Claudio Abbado          Colin Davis          Colin Farrel          Colin Firth          Charlize Theron and AnnaSophia Robb          Christian Bale          Christina Aguilera

Daniel Craig  631          Daniel Craig  704          Daniel Day-Lewis          Deborah Kerr and Cary Grant  758          Deborah Voigt          Donald Sutherland          Diane Sawyer

Edgar Wright          Eli Wallach          Elizabeth Banks          Emily Blunt          Emily Deschanel          Emmanuella Riva          Emma Stone          Erik

Female Violinist          Ferruccio Furlanetto

Geoffrey Rush          George Clooney          Gerard Schwarz          Glenn Close          Greg and Mike Lewis 762          Gwyneth Paltrow

Harrison Ford          Heather Morris          Hege Elisabeth Haugen          Heidi Klum          Helen Hunt          Helen Mirren          Herreweghe Philippe          Hilary Swank          Hugh Laurie

Iggy Pop          Inspired by Bob Booth          Itzhak Perlman, Jonathan Carney and Leos Cepicky  785

Jack Nicholson          Jacob Gyllenhaal          Jacob Szekely          Jane Fonda          January Jones          Jean Dujardin          Jean-Paul Belmondo          Jeff Bridges          Jennifer Aniston          Jennifer Garner  728          Jennifer Garner  677          Jennifer Lawrence          Jennifer Morrison          Jeremy Irons          Jeremy Piven          Jessica Biel          Jessica Chastain          Joanna Chen          Joanna Krupa          Joaquin Phoenix          Johan Botha          John C. McGinley          John Cleese          John Goodman          John Storgårds          John Travolta           Johnny Depp          Jonathan Carney, Itzhak Perlman and Leos Cepicky  785          Joseph Alessi and Bart van Lier  782          Joseph Cotten          Joyce Castle          Judi Dench          Julia Roberts          Julie Christie          Juno Temple


Kate Bosworth          Kate Hudson          Kate Winslet  731          Kate Winslet  682          Katherine Heigl          Kathlen Turner          Kathryn Thomas Umble          Katie Cassidy          Katy Perry          Kelly Ripa          Kevin Kline          Kevin Spacy          Kristen Bell          Kristen Dunst

Laura Linney          Lea Seydoux          Leonardo di Caprio          Leos Cepicky, Jonathan Carney and Itzhak Perlman  785          Leslie Mann          Liam Neeson          Lindsay Lohan          Lucy Punch          Lyle Lovett


Maggie Grace          Maggie Smith          Malin Åkerman          Maria Lundqvist          Marion Cotillard          Mark Thompson          Marley Shelton          Mathew Gould and Beth Ilana Schneider-Gould          Matt Damon  617          Matt Damon  711          Mel Gibson           Melanie Laurent          Melissa Leo          Meryl Streep          Michael Caine          Michael Douglas          Michael Vartan          Michelle Pfeiffer          Michelle Williams          Mike and Greg Lewis  762          Mira Sorvino          Mollie King


Nadine Sierra          Naomi Watts          Natalie Portman          Nicolas Cage          Nicole Kidman 697          Nicole Kidman and Naomi Watts


Paavali Jumppanen          Paris Hilton          Paul Newman          Placido Domingo          Pontus Furstenberg

Rachael Harris          Rachel Barton Pine          Rachel Mc Adams          Ralph Marting          Rebecca Romijn          Reese Witherspoon          Renee Zellweger          Rene Fleming          Ridley Scott          Robert De Niro          Robert Duvall          Robert Pattinson          Robin Williams          Roger Waters          Ron Howard          Rosario Dawson          Rowan Atkinson          Ryan Gosling          Ryan Reynolds


Sam Worthington          Sandra Bullock          Sarah Jessica Parker          Sara Paxton          Scarlett Johansson          Sharon Isbin          Sigourney Weaver          Stefania Fernandez          Stellan Skarsgård          Steven Spielberg          Sufjan Stevens          Sylvester Stallone


Taylor Lautner          Taylor Swift          Timothy Robinson          Timothy Spall          Tom Hanks          Tommy Le Jones          Truls Mork

Ulli Reiner          Uma Thurman


Vanessa Redgrave          Vesko Eschkenazy          Vinessa Shaw          Virginia Madsen


Will Farrell          Willem Dafoe          Woman with shawl          Woody Allen


Yo-Yo Ma



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