Photo Nature, Part 1

45 Photos, Summary
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Preface to Photo Nature Part 1


45 Photos, Summary

Photo nr 0046 - 0001

9 with trees as main motif.
20 with trees and water as main motif.
8 with rocks, bare cliffs and stones as main motif.
1 with reeds, water and cliffs.
5 with trees and either bridges or walking trails as main motif.
2 with view over boats at landing-stages.

9 of them have free, open, horizon.
Some of them with great firmament.

Below each image is little information.

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Preface to Photo Nature Part 1

These photos are a result from a quite long experimentations. At first it is important to be out much in the nature. And to be aware what’s there. Keep your eyes alertness, even though there is much else to keep in mind. It may take a long time to find areas that seem good for photo. For me, it's not just the sight that makes me start to interest me in an area, but also the feeling that the area gives. To explore an area that seems to provide good photos can take several days. It is important to find good places within the area. A shift of 2 meters can make a big difference. So the ability to stay in the area is of great importance. Exploration can be done by taking many sample photos. If the area is good, it will appear on the sample photos and later on more accurate photographs can be taken from more consciously chosen places. Interest in photographing from a large number of places is replaced by the interest of photographing from a few specific places. The task is made more and more concentrated and after a while there are only a few magic places left. To get good results different camera settings are being tested. And to explore the light in the area, photographing is done at different times on the day. Visiting areas and places many times increases awareness of them and the chance for good photo grows. The light is of course of great significance for all photography. To study the surroundings from a certain place at different times of the day is very good. Where I live in Gothenburg, Sweden, at latitude 57, the sun never reaches high. Even during the brightest days at the year, it is hardly that the sun comes over the tree peaks seen from easily accessible places where there is trees close by. Many of you who live closer to the equator where the sun is high may wonder why the sun almost always stands low on my pictures. The answer is, consequently, that it never reaches particularly high where I live.

The purpose of my nature photography is to get inspired to paint nature. At first I did not think about publishing any nature photos. I didn't think they were good enough. But changed my mind after a while. The pictures in this first part, my first nature photos, are not of great quality. But pictorial and artistic, they are doing well, I think. I want to continue to do the same kind of pictures but with higher quality. Clearer, sharper and larger.